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‘Mileage, Mobility, Memory’ Workshop, 17 February 2022

On Thursday 17 February 2022, a closed academic workshop – co-sponsored by the Holocaust and Genocide Research Partnership (HGRP) and the Holocaust Research Institute at Royal Holloway, University of London (HRI) – was held at the National Railway Museum in York.

Mileage, Mobility, Memory: Conflict Transport and Vehicular Networks in a Transnational Frame’ explored the under-studied yet highly prescient relationship between European and Asian transport practices, their local and lived geography, and management. Panellists included PhD students and scholars from several universities and research institutions (some presenting virtually, from outside the UK) and Museum staff. In-person participants were also given a tour of the National Railway Museum and its collections.

Workshop convenor Dr Simone Gigliotti created the StoryMap below to highlight the regions/countries discussed at the event, and provide users with resources for further reading and research. (Please use the scroll bar at the side of the StoryMap to navigate this content).

The HGRP and HRI would also like to thank the Ernest Hecht Charitable Foundation for their financial contribution to this workshop.