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Current 23 November 2022

The Alfred Wiener Holocaust Memorial Lecture

This lecture highlights the experiences of Jewish refugees fleeing from antisemitic persecution and from World War II to Portugal. It describes how they were treated, how they attempted to escape Europe, and how they struggled in a “no-man’s land” between a painful past and an unknown future. Listening to their voices may help us to understand Jewish heartbreak and perseverance in the 1940s and encourage us to listen compassionately to refugees’ stories today.


The Ravine

Past 25 July 2022

The Wiener Holocaust Library and the Holocaust Research Institute at Royal Holloway, University of London, are delighted to host The Legacy of the St Louis Virtual Panel as part of its of Holocaust and Genocide Partnership activities. This free online event will follow a screening of the documentary film, Complicit, and will include the creator and producer of the documentary, Robert Krakow, Esq., as well as former child refugee passengers on the MS St Louis.

Past 26 April 2022

A virtual workshop for postgraduate students and early career researchers, exploring tips and strategies for obtaining Fellowships in Holocaust research and related fields.

The Ravine

Past 14 April 2022

In this virtual panel, speakers explore the benefits and challenges of bringing the history of Auschwitz outside its gates, and the impact this may have on education and commemoration.

The Ravine

Past 17 November 2021

Professor Jan Grabowski (University of Ottawa) delivered our second annual Alfred Wiener Holocaust Memorial Lecture, hosted at the Museum of London, with a recorded livestream now available.

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Past 5 October 2021

Dr Alex Kay (Potsdam University) in conversation with Professor Dan Stone (Royal Holloway, University of London) to discuss his book, Empire of Destruction: A History of Nazi Mass Killing.

The Ravine

Past 29 September 2021

In this talk, Dr Erin Jessee explores the potentially problematic delineation between victims/survivors, bystanders, and perpetrators of genocide.

The Ravine

Past 28 July 2021

For the final event in our Death Marches: Evidence and Memory series, we were delighted to be joined by Holocaust survivor Manfred Goldberg BEM. Mr Goldberg was led in conversation by Professor Dan Stone, one of the co-curators of the Death Marches exhibition, and shared his experiences of his own death march journey and liberation.

The Ravine

Past 19 July 2021

In this virtual panel, speakers discuss different ways of commemorating the death marches, including pilgrimages, memorials at former Nazi camps and other sites of significance, and artistic and photographic responses to such sites.

The Ravine

Past 6 July 2021

In this virtual panel, speakers explore aspects of reckonings with the Holocaust in the immediate post-war period. Panellists discuss the disintegration of the camps system; ‘forced confrontations’ between Allied militaries and the German civilian population; post-war trials of perpetrators involved in the death marches; and the lives of Holocaust survivors in the aftermath of liberation.

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